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  • 2005-01-26: Won't anyone please think of the vCards?!
  • 2003: vCard project started!
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February 24th, 2005

While this project is getting sorted, here's a nice tidbit...

Clinton Gormley was kind enough to write up a Perl script that will read your abook.mab file and export the addresses to vCards. Thanks, Clinton!

By the way, please do not blame me if the script blows up your hard drive, or wipes out your filesystem. I haven't tried out the script, so I can't verify what the results will be.

January 26th, 2005

I apologize for not having updated this page in what feels like eons. The vCard project is currently in hiatus as I don't have the time to work on it. I had made some good progress long ago, but subsequently lost all the code in an accident, before having checked it in.

I am open to passing on this project to anyone that has the time and dedication to see it to fruition. If you are such a person, then please contact me at mirzmaster <<at>> rogers <<dot>> com


Sohail Mirza

Welcome to the Project!

The aim of the vCard project is to create an extension (initially only for Mozilla Thunderbird) that allows exporting and importing between Address Book contacts and the vCard format. The vCard format is specified by the IETF in RFCs 2425 and 2426 and furthur in RFC 2739. These three specifications fully outline the syntax and usage of the vCard format which is popularly used in Microsoft Outlook and by a variety of other applications.

My plans for the project are to start off with the ability to export Mozilla Personal Address Book contacts to vCard (and alternately XML format, just because it's easy ;) ). After adding export capabilities, I will add import support. After these primary bits of functionality are out of the way, I will most likely work on extending the current Address Book component of Thunderbird to display and allow editing of additional vCard properties which are not shown by default. Internally, Mozilla (and Thunderbird) supports a number vCard properties which are not editable through the Address Book component, but are included in the Address Book contacts datasource. I want to reveal those properties via the Mozilla interface.

To start with, I will only make my extension available for Thunderbird, simply because it's easier for me to test on it and I don't run the risk of goofing up my Moz installation :) I probably will port this extension over to the Mozilla Suite (v.1.4 and above), but no guarantees! For that matter, I won't guarantee that I get any of this done, but hey... I want to try!

And just in case you're wondering, I am currently NOT accepting any more members to this project, although I probably will take on some help at a later date.

Anyways... stay tuned for more developments :)

-- Sohail Mirza, vCard Project Owner

The vcard project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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